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Five years of collaboration, thank you!! (2019-10-14)

News (October 13, 2019): In the morning of October 12, 2019, at the 30th Great Wall Cardiology Conference (GW-ICC2019), the 5th Anniversary Summary of China Cardiovascular Disease Medical Quality Improvement (CCC) Project - Award Presentation Conference was solemnly held in Beijing. Professor Zhao Dong and the project consultant, Ms. Louise Morgan, President Meng Fanqiang of H&J Company, and the project execution team thanked all of the researchers.


Co-Chairs of the Conference:


Han Yaling, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Cardiology (CSC) of the Chinese Medical Association, former chairman of CSC

Ge Junbo, Academician of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Ma Changsheng, Chairman designate of CSC, Beijing Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

Professor Sidney Smith of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and former chairman of American Heart Association (AHA)

Professor Kathryn Taubert, Vice President of AHA Global Strategy Department

Professor Zhao Dong of Beijing Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University and Beijing Institute of Cardiopulmonary Vascular Diseases


Experts and doctors from 130 hospitals nationwide attended the conference.