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Every successful enterprise will reborn from death.

Sun Taoran said: Every successful entrepreneur reborn from death.

Liu Chuanzhi said: all entrepreneurship can be successful, are the fruits of reborn from death.

Every successful entrepreneur has a life-long struggle. Before their final success, they have experienced numerous twists, such as cash flow breakdown, no wages, no way to promote the market, partners' betraying and so on. So, entrepreneurs should not complain about themselves. It's not just you who have gone through bumpy. Everyone, like you, has gone through all the obstacles, but you haven't seen them. Because what you see is only 5% of the winners who eventually stand on the stage, and 95% of the others who don't succeed have disappeared. You never have a chance to see them.

So among these brilliant and successful people, they have the following common points:

First of all, they are very firm.

Secondly, they persevere.

Finally, they dare to challenge "poverty".

H&J's family, please firmly believe! Persistently adhere to their positions, with our leader Prof. Meng to challenge the current plight! We will surely go out of the woods, and surely bear the fruits of H&J!