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What kind of CRC do sponsors like?

According to a total of 248 written praise letters from customers, 915 different praise words were found. In order to find out the rules, we classify it. Among them, there are 75 high frequency keywords and 23 similar ones, which can be roughly classified into four categories: profession, attitude, ability and communication. Statistics are as follows:



Among these words, only 4.04% are directly related to work experience, while 31.69% are related to professional attitude, the highest is about work ability, accounting for 44.26%. It reminds us that in the actual SMO service, work experience is not a sufficient condition to be directly recognized by customers. The most easily recognized by customers is work ability.

Sum up a chart, you can see at a glance:



It can be seen that ability is of course the first, and attitude is also important. And the longer the work is, the stronger the ability may be, so customers always like CRC with longer experience. That's common sense.