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Every one of us should have the concept of "all-staff marketing"

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, Prof. Meng, President of H&J, issued a "pre-agreed filing system for non-BD personnel and teams to independently or assist in the development of projects and increase budget commissions" in Wechat Group of H&J. The purpose is to encourage any member of H&J to actively participate in information acquisition and bidding activities of clinical trial projects. The company will give the corresponding commission in accordance with the relevant provisions.

This is all staffs marketing concept! It's good news for every member of H&J!

With the rapid development of CRO industry, the importance of BD has become increasingly prominent, and it has become a key link for modern enterprises to realize value. BD is not only reflected in the moment when CRO services are delivered to customers, but also in a sense, it is an activity that permeates the whole CRO process. That is to say, all points (i.e. departments and everyone) of an enterprise should have a new ability to make customers happily accept the value of products or services. In the "world of great competition" of CRO industry, enterprises have to face fierce competition from all over the world, which has brought severe challenges to the market development of enterprises, thus upgrading BD to an important field of enterprise competition, and become one of the key factors for the survival of enterprises.

For all staff BD, we can understand that: customers come to visit the company, everyone has marketing opportunities, your mental outlook, speech and behavior, the company's working environment, product placement and so on, in these details, will show a company's quality, and all of this transmission depends on the marketing concept of all staffs.

Therefore, the marketing competition needs to start from every employee's every move, truly create a good atmosphere of all-staff marketing, all-staff integration into marketing and form a joint force. "Big rivers are full of water and small rivers are full of water", "Skin does not exist, and what does hair attach to?" We all know the truth. So, when marketing becomes a strategic measure for enterprises to participate in competition, is it far from you?

In the light and dark line of marketing planning, there is an industry term - station. For example, I am an ordinary person. I stand with the head of the township and say nothing. You think I am a mayor at most, but if I stand with Chairman Xi Jinping, at the lowest level you will think I am a member of the Central Committee. Take BMW as an example. In life, it is not difficult to find out who is driving the BMW in the movies. 007, tall, handsome and wise; fashion models, beautiful, always stand with the people at this station, so the high positioning of BMW has been doing very well, which is a kind of guided marketing formed in the silence of moistening things.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand that the shaping and marketing of company image, reputation, and product brand image and so on are related to every employee, and more embodied in every details of actual work. The concept of "all staff marketing" should be deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee and become a normal working and behavioral habit.