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Corporate Culture-The Five Laws


To make every patient, including our parents and relatives, use high-quality medicines.


To create value for our customers. We are the propeller of drug R&D progress and the guardian of quality.


Diligence-today thing end today

Responsibility-customer first contact responsibility

Obedience-all actions obey command

Compliance-consciously abide by GCP, SOP, and protocol

Integrity -true work, honesty, trustworthiness

Appearance -professional dress; to be respectful, respect yourself first

Upward -positive, optimistic and confident, positive energy, no complaint

Nice-be kind to others, be friendly and help each other, never do evil

Credo :

Today's affairs must be "finished" today

Bottom line :

Compliance with GCP, SOP and protocol is the bottom line. Lying, forgery, corruption; disobedience to management (refusal of leadership arrangements, passive resistance to leadership dispatch, missing or leave in front of emergency work), leakage of secrets (customer and company confidential such as department personnel list, etc.) are red lines!

Crossing the bottom line, the wage will be cut in half. Once the red line is stepped on, you will receive the harshest punishment.