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It is a tremendous task on a new journey

On the New Year's journey, we welcome all the family members of H&J back to their jobs with full spirits. We have embarked on a new journey and a long way to go --- H&J's tomorrow is waiting for each of us to create! Here, I would like to remind every family member that in the hard journey, don't forget the mission, vision, values, creeds and the bottom line of H&J.


We share a common mission - to make every patient, including our parents and relatives, use high-quality medicines; and share a common vision - to create value for our customers. We are the propeller of drug R&D progress and the guardian of quality.


We will always embody our eight philosophies in our daily actions: diligence (today thing end today), responsibility (customer first contact responsibility), and obedience (all actions obey command), compliance (consciously abide by GCP, SOP, protocol), integrity (true work, honesty, trustworthiness), appearance (professional dress; To be respectful, respect yourself first), upward (positive, optimistic and confident, positive energy, no complaint),  nice(be kind to others, be friendly and help each other, never do evil).


No matter how many difficulties and setbacks we encounter today, we still adhere to our credo that today's affairs must be "finished" today. This is the promise of each of us.


No matter where we are, facing all kinds of temptations outside, every one of us should stick to the bottom line of our company! Compliance with GCP, SOP and protocol is the bottom line. Lying, forgery, corruption; disobedience to management (refusal of leadership arrangements, passive resistance to leadership dispatch, missing or leave in front of emergency work), leakage of secrets (customer and company confidential such as department personnel list, etc.) are red lines!