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H&J call everyone to concentrate on their work

A year's key point is spring, and a day's key point is morning.


February 11th, the seventh day of the lunar January. Just as everyone is still in the New Year's atmosphere in the rural area, H&J is stepping into the first day of work after the Spring Festival, and the morning meeting will be as usual. The vast majorities of employees in all departments have returned to work and quickly enter the working statue with full spirit. H&J blow the rallying cry of getting into the frame of mind for work from festival.


With the rallying call of "Return to work", staffs of H&J should be out of the festive atmosphere and concentrate our time and energy on the work of the New Year. We should enter the work role as soon as possible, with a good mental state and work style, around the coming whole year, based on the current situation, clear tasks, highlight key points, and implement them one by one.


The heads of all departments need to work together to plan the specific work and development after the festival, prepare for a good start for the New Year, and strive to make the first quarter of all work indicators achieve "wonderful open".