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Special Report on the Winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award of H&J's Early Clinical Department in 2018

Early Clinical Department held the SMO annual meeting on January 25, 2019. The winner of the 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award was Wenglili.

Since Wenglili became Leader CRC in June 2018, team cohesion has increased, and team members have increased from 5 in 2017 to 11 at present. She has trained and reserved excellent talents for the new center, and has exported excellent employees to three new centers. As a leader CRC, she has obtained preliminary cooperation with new centers.

She has also made a lot of efforts in managing projects. With the increase of SMO in Shanghai public health center, Wenglili, adhering to the company's philosophy, showed excellent profession and good communication skills to win the recognition of the central teachers, and made our company occupy a spot in the center. Many projects with high quality requirements, the central teachers are very confident to give us H&J to do it, Wenglili and her team play a very important role. She kept communicating with the central project allocator, for the company to strive for more projects.

Wenglili not only managed personnel and project, but also assisted BD department to follow up the contract of project service and the progress of payment, and communicated with the central teacher on the problems and timely feedback to BD Department of the company.