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Congratulate H&J CRC on winning the first prize in the business evaluation of a clinical institution


(H&J News, Jan. 30, 2019) The 2018 Summary Meeting was held on Jan. 30 at the Center for Clinical Trials of Drugs (GCP) of a well-known Oncology Research Institute, presided by the Director of the Office of the Agency. The conference was attended by the president of hospital, academician of the Academy of Sciences, director of disciplines, etc.  and Ms. Zheng Min, Vice President of H&J, Ms. Zhang Chen Ya, director of the center, and Chen Junfang and Song Xuejiao, resident CRC. Beside the CRC of H&J, there were CRCs of more than ten SMO companies, such as Lianstad, Fontaine, St. Langer, Bison, Corick, Kuntuo, Home Oriental, Sisbia, Smith, Jinshi and Youxiao.

At the end of the year those CRCs were assessed by GCP, hospital process, etc. in the form of CRA, SUB-I and GCP center. This is the only assessment of the organization in 2018.

In this assessment, the average score of H&J is 78 points, ranking first!