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Overcoming the difficulties, H&J has done the arduous task beautifully.

The project is commissioned by a pharmaceutical company in Shenyang and requires 288 cases in the end of December 2018. With support from the company's leadership and cooperation of all CRC in the project team, we completed the task at 9:30 pm on the last working day in December 2018.

On the evening of December 27th, I was very impressed on that day, because we only had 2 working days, and still need 8 cases. In the past, it was impossible, but we did not give up until deadline. We firmly believe that we must persist in our efforts and will not give up until the last minute.

December 28th and 29th, all CRCs increased visits, waited for enrollment in the center.  The leaders were concerned about and supporting our progress. We were very excited every time there was 1 case. Especially on the evening of the 29th, from signing ICF to randomizing, we are all looking forward to and waiting for it. It was not until 9 o'clock that all cases were enrolled and everyone was relieved. All our efforts and persistence are worthwhile during this time. We have succeeded, and our battle has been won.

In this battle, whether CRC team or PM team, from top to bottom is the spirit of mission. Xi'an CRC Xue Rongxue has been struggling in the project, and even at the last minute, he is still sprinting with us. Xue Rongxue is a pregnant woman. In the common sense, she can start maternity leave half a month ago, but still choose to stay with us until the last moment.

Xinjiang CRC, Mao Yali, a skinny girl, takes center with the largest number. Mao Li signed the informed consent with the last patients, but progress was full of twists and randomized until 9 o'clock in the evening. At many centers, many CRCs continued to work on New Year's Day holidays in order to cooperate with the researchers.

Thank for our team. Thank for support from Meng and Tang Rui, and wish our team a better future.