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New Year's Message from Prof. MENG


Prof. MENG

The development of social economy and culture has a very high regularity: the United States yesterday is our present day, and the United States today also foreshadows our future. The rapid development of China in the information age has filled every one of us with opportunities and challenges in 2019. Keeping up with the rhythm of the times can be a huge success, and if you can't keep up, you will be eliminated by the times. The following is an analysis of several possible changes in China after 2019. I hope you will seize the opportunity and achieve fruitful results.


1. A large number of freelancers will emerge in China: the basic structure of society will change from company + employee to platform + individual. Everyone will break through the shackles of tradition and get a new life. The key is whether you stimulate your potential energy. This is a real liberation movement! (Note: Most mature CRA, SAS programmers, statisticians and Medical Monitors in the United States are freelancers)

2. Principle of Long Board for Individual Success: It turns out that each of us is bound by the barrel principle, that is, your short board limits your comprehensive level, so we are always making up for our "short board". And as people collaborate more efficiently, your strengths will determine your level in the future. You just need to maximize your advantages, and someone else will work with you.

 3. The thinking of "be hired" can be stopped: "be hired" is essentially to sell its own labor force at a price and not to be responsible for results of its own work. With the end of the employment era, you must actively think and solve problems, and strive to enforce their own strengths, create value for society and others; otherwise you will not have the value of existence. Therefore, the working style of Chinese people is upgrading from "be hired" to "creating".

4. Personal credit is wealth: With the help of big data and internet, your behavior deduces your credit value, and then with credit as the fulcrum, ability as the lever, personality as the driving force, all of which are your wealth value.

5. Internet society strengthens compliance with rules and contracts: The Internet is helping China to establish a reasonable social structure so that everyone can develop their strengths, operating in accordance with the rules form the spirit of contracts. Obeying of rules is morality.

6. "Collaboration" will become the mainstream of society: the relationship between people in feudal society is "exploitation", the relationship between people in capitalist society is "employment", and the relationship between people in future society is "cooperation".

7. The era of "employing" individuals by enterprises has passed: the development of the Internet has opened the era of "partnership" between enterprises and individuals.

8. China's economic "Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzheng " is becoming " Beijing Shanghai Shenzheng hangzhou ". China's economic centre is moving southward. As China's major ports, steel, shipping and other giant companies were merged by the South. The South will be dominated by industry and commerce, while the north will be dominated by the export of labor and resources.

9. The independence between people is increasing, and people are more willing to pursue inner happiness.

10. China's competitiveness: It used to rely on natural resources, now on system, and in the future on civilization. The same is true for enterprises.


Happy New Year! 


Philip MENG