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Our company can provide outsourcing service to pharmacovigilance (PV), or establish integrated services such as pharmacovigilance system, training, pharmacovigilance standardization system (at the same time support CFDA, FDA, EMA standard), medical support for adverse reactions (ADR), etc.

H&J has connected with National Drug Administration and partial CDE   data with safety reporting (ICH E2B) standard.  one button automatically report CFDA and EMA, FDA. At the same time, support multilingual reporting.

We can provide the following services for enterprises in pharmacovigilance:

Establishment and management of pharmacovigilance system

Collection, assessment and reporting of adverse events

Information monitoring

Medical coding

Risk benefit assessment of drugs

Clinical safety report and periodic safety update report

Writing case descriptions

Risk management system

Case handling

Drug complaint management

Medical monitoring & document monitoring

E2B security data conversion