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Our R & D innovation

Through the independent innovation research and development of the R & D department, the following systems have been developed innovatively.


1) Coding system for medical coding adverse events - Meddra:

Support multiple versions of Meddra toggle, support Chinese and English;

The five or three level coding of adverse events can be completed by using precise, fuzzy and thematic words extraction, and the overall automatic recognition rate of single adverse events is over 80%.


2) Medical coding drug coding - WHOdurg & MIMS:

Support whodrug global and domestic MIMS automatic coding;

Who-drug supports stepwise drug name to ATC code coding, ATC code to four level system coding, and direct drug ATC code and four level system coding;

MIMS automatic coding;


Technical methods:

English coding has been carried out with fewer than two letters; less input, multiple input, wrong input, and position reverse error checking and correction.

In Chinese, keyword matching, automatic segmentation and fuzzy comparison are used, and prior probability and conditional probability are optimized.

Based on distributed file system, database processing structure and unstructured data;

Balance space and time requirements through asynchronous mode;

Use Natural Language Processing's method to carry out text segmentation.

It is optimized by prior probability and conditional probability.

Establish a statistical model to predict and evaluate the results.


3) Laboratory data OCR- automatic identification Uploading System:

Establishing the identification model;

Calibration of automatic test paper;

Data log retained;

Upload to the specified EDC automatically.


4) Labor hour system:

Complete the collection and collection of project hours.

 Satisfy Labor hour control of the whole project.

Provide finance department with project accounting.


5) Data management detection system:

Meet the whole process of clinical trial data management, and progress detection needs.

Provide data management at any time.


6) Patient profile:

Automatically generate profile files for each subject in clinical trial, for the experimental personnel to quickly and conveniently view the test conditions.


7) Drug time curve PK/PD data report automatic generation system:

According to the PK/PD data produced in the laboratory, the drug time graph (single subjects and the whole situation) is automatically generated for the experimental personnel to quickly analyze the test results.