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Han Bo Rui Qiang (Shanghai) PharmaTech Ltd(US subsidiary: H&J CRO International-New York LLC) is a small Full-Service CRO in China yet ambitious to provide global clinical trial solutions. It was founded by Professor Fanqiang MENG in 2003 and headquartered in Shanghai and New Jersey. It has more than 560 full-time employees working in 30 branch offices in China and USA. 

As a developed full-service “small CRO”, we want to create absolute advantages over global giants by both technical and operational innovations. The former was completed by innovation of patented AI-assisted Statistical/Coding software. The latter is operated by the Trial Dedicated “Subject reserve/Hospitals”, the mechanism that will revolutionize Phase III trials.

Big data can precisely target trial-eligible subjects, who can be quickly screened by our field force. Subjects can be pre-admitted into the reserve/hospitals so that hundreds of eligible subjects can be quickly recruited. AI-assisted SAS, Medical/Drug coding and auto-BE/PK/PD SAR reporting have also been developed.

Our goal is to help trial sponsor to significantly reduce the time of phase III trials by 50% compared to regular trial operation, to revolutionize Phase III clinical trial, maximize our commercial profits and accelerate drug NDA.

Taking the advantage of China CFDA open-policy on oversea-sponsored clinical trial, the advantage of China enormous treatment-naïve trial-eligible patient population, and driven by our long-standing technical and operational innovation, the company is on the fast track of development.